Presbyterial council

1. Most Rev. John I. Okoye
2. Fr. Cyprain Orji
3. Fr. Lawrence Eze
4. Fr. Mathew Eze
5. Fr. Simon Umah
6. Fr. Clement Obasi
7. Fr. Jonathan Nweke
8. Fr. Thaddeus Orga
9. Fr. Anthony Agbilibeazu
10. Fr. Jonah Asuquo CSSP
11. Fr. Anthony Okeke
12. Fr. Raphael Egwu
13. Fr. Bartholomew Aniebo
14. Fr. Peter Ogbonna
15. Fr. Jude Njoku
16. Fr. Titus Udeh
17. Fr. Charles Ukagha
18. Fr. Benedict Okolie
19. Fr. Basil Nweze


PREAMBLE: "A Presbyteral Council is to be established in each diocese. It is a body of Priests who are to be like the Senate of the Bishop, representing the entire Presbyterate. It belongs to this Council to aid the Bishop in the governance of the diocese according to the norm of law in order that the pastoral welfare of the portion of the people of God committed to him may be carried forward as effective as possible" (Can. 495).

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