Father Albert Chukwu Farm

Everybody believes that the future of most economies lies in agriculture.
In Nigeria, unfortunately, interest has been focused on oil at the great detriment of agriculture. Awgu diocese is a rural diocese with a rural population, majority of who are farmers.

The economic situation in the entire Awgu diocese is not much good news.It can be said and rightly so that more than 90% of the white collar job working force of Awgu indigene live outside Awgu. The reason is not far to fetch- there are little or no employment opportunity in Awgu. No industries. No companies. No production firms. The only job paying offers that exist are the Local Government Public Servants in the 3 identified Local Governments- most of whom again reside outside Awgu and visit home only at Christmas, Easter, Major Feasts and Family Gettogether like, Marriages, Burials and the like.
The Bishop who himself hails from a neighboring town around Awgu understands the situation and is convinced that agriculture is the future that our people are avoiding. He believes that agriculture constitutes a formidable vehicle to self and state transformation, self reliance, economic empowerment, wealth generation and migration out of poverty.
The diocese therefore plans to consolidate the already established and functioning Father Albert Chukwu Farm. The farm shall concentrate on the following:
 Crops
 Animal Husbandry
An appeal is made to individuals to assist the realization of this mission by donating to the under listed account:

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