Diocean Secretary/ Finance

1. Most Rev. John I. Okoye
2. Fr. Cyprain Orji
3. Fr. Lawrence Eze
4. Fr. Basil Nweze
5. Jonathan Nweke
6. Sir Sylvanus Nwankwo
7. Barr. Mrs. Rose Chukwuonwe
8. Mrs. Anastasia Nzeka
9. Mrs. Monica Onyeali
10. Mr. Emmanuel Nnajide
11. Mr. Pat Ekwenta
12. Barr. Nnabuike Edechime
13. Sir Victor Uda

Terms of Refrence

Finance Commission The Finance Commission shall:
a) recommend to the Diocesan Bishop and purse the realization of the most moderate and generally acceptable sources and methods of raising funds for diocese projects

b) formulate clearly defined investment policies, develop overall investment plans and mange all investment properties and funds of the Diocese. A Five-Year Economic Plan could be drawn at any time.

c) ensure that all diocesan investment properties have lawful titles and that a permanent record of them is kept in a safe place.

d) monitor changes in the current open market value of all realization investments and advise the Diocesan Bishop on the current state of each investment.

e) ensure that income from investment properties and funds are received as and when due from such investments.

f) advise the Diocesan Bishop on the reasonable expectation of future revenue accruing from development projects by reviewing all feasibility studies on them and confirming that future benefits are certain.

g) survey ways of affiliating financially expressed parishes to more viable ones

h) undertake any other assignment given to it by the Diocesan Bishop

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